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Dinils Adhesives Pvt. Ltd. is an India based manufacturer of Synthetic Rubber based Adhesives. With a broad client base covering numerous industries, we strive to meet the needs of current and future customers. Dinils Adhesives Pvt. Ltd. was founded two decades back and the company headquarters are located in Mumbai. The manufacturing setup is located about 100 kms form Mumbai at Tarapur backed with a full fledged laboratory to maintain the high quality standards.


The company has carved a niche for itself in the various applications dues to its commitment to quality, high bonding, less odour and superior coverage. Our Adhesives are most suitable for big, small and medium size organizations and are being successfully used by them. It is our policy to manufacture the premier quality in adhesive products through a commitment to product consistency, confirmation to specifications and timely delivery of products. In the fast pace of changing technology we are committed to distinguish ourselves as a reliable and responsive adhesive company serving customers. Customers trust Dinils because our products augment their products and processes. The market factors demand the quality and efficiency of our manufacturing process to better serve our customers' needs.

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