Dinils Adhesives Pvt. Ltd

Manufacturers of BOND FAST & NILOFLEX Adhesives

Dinils Adhesives Pvt. Ltd. is an independent industrial adhesive manufacturing company, with over years of experience. We take pride in ourselves about our capability to work with our customers in providing cost effective solutions to their bonding problems. Our business is about bonding surfaces, the surfaces people move around on at work, at home or during handling of products. Every bond we make, the adhesive and bonding materials are most successful when they create an inseparable connection by remaining invisible.


The demands of a new world in globalization are forever calling for improvising in productivity and efficiency. These factors are our main focus as we strive to enable to meet our customer’s requirements. Our products are marketed and have been widely accepted under the brand name BOND FAST™ and NILOFLEX™ which symbolizes high caliber adhesive solutions.


We welcome the opportunity to discuss and adhere to your specific end use - be it actual or prospective. At Dinils we do not just sell adhesives, we offer “Solutions for Bondingproblems.


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